Kita is an innovative product designed to make the lives of both customers and team members easier. Now, with its array of features, Kita makes it simpler than ever for customers to order the products they need quickly and easily.

Quick Setup

Built with B2B businesses in mind, our setup can be completed in a matter of weeks vs months (and years).

Document Processing

Automatically process the quotes and purchase order PDFs sent via email

Request Quotes

Your customers can now request their own quotes through your website.

Searchable Catalog

Your team and customers can now search through millions of your parts using our AI powered search service.

Bulk Add

Your customers and sales reps both can use our type-ahead bulk add functionality to add a product with one click.

One Click Reorders

Your customers have their saved account information during the checkout. No input required.


Kita provides a quick and effortless way to collaborate between sales teams and customers. No longer are there painfully long delays awaiting responses or answers - Kita makes it so easy that interaction can be instantaneous.

Quote to Order Workflow

Build a smart workflow to get your customers the quote they requested in a matter of minutes.

Email Notifications

Send important email notifications for quote creation, order status, and abandon cart.

Purchase on Behalf

Your sales teams can order on behalf of a customer in the digital portal.

Quote and Order Management

Your customers and sales team have the ability to view and manage their quotes and orders.

Invoice Management

Your customers can now pay their invoices through your digital portal.

Customer Support

Add a full chat support to any digital portal you launch. Your customers can connect directly with your sales team.


Kita is the perfect choice for businesses trying to navigate complex products and processes. Its architecture ensures that any complex B2B situation, from product creation and price workflows to transactions, is handled with ease.

Customer Specific Pricing

Each customer can have their own pricelists (including bulk pricing).

Product Specifications

Your products can have hundreds of specifications which vary by each product category.

Product Variations

Use variations to set  rules on all product lines. Support for up to 100+ variations.

Hierarchal Categories

Categories are critical for your sales teams and customers to find products. Support of up to depth of 5.

Saved Carts

Save multiple carts for your weekly or monthly purchases, then schedule to order these carts in the future.

Customer Specific SKUs

Customers can have their own specific SKUs. Map their SKUs to your SKUs for easy lookup.
Automate ordering for your B2B business
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