A new kind of ordering
Kita provides an end-to-end solution for distributors and manufacturers to handle every aspect of the order lifecycle.
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Lower your cost Per Order

Our AI assisted order processing technology saves you money on every order.

Reduce Your Order Inaccuracies

Eliminate the manual work your back office does to process orders.

Improve Your Order SLA

Respond to your customers faster and manage customer inquiries.
Our Mission
Kita modernizes how industrial companies take and process orders.

Use AI to go from purchase order to placed order

Kita gives your sales team super powers. Our AI assisted technology captures sales emails and applies workflow rules which automatically create quotes or orders in seconds.

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Give your sales reps tools to assist their customers

Stop spending time on the phone and replying to emails addressing the questions that can be answered through a portal. Your customers get the answers they need, and can pay for their order directly in Kita.

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Showcase your complex products online in minutes

Self Serve

Kita provides a modern portal template to showcase your complex products for both your customers and sales reps. An easy-to-use portal is table stakes for your business. Kita is built to handle your product complexity.

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The Kita Difference

With Kita, in only a few hours you can build an engaging, branded portal that showcases your products and facilitates seamless communication between you and your customers.
No longer will your team have to learn or understand another archaic new system. Kita was designed and built for B2B companies.
This may be your first experience going digital. Kita acknowledges you may not be adept at transforming your business. Trust us to be your subject matter experts on the digital transformation.
Automate ordering for your B2B business
Kita proves its value with the very first purchase order sent to your inbox.
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